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Rewards; Inducement
"Kate's affable personality make her one of my favorite coaches in the U.S." - Chip Conley, Founder Joie de Vivre Hotels and best selling author of PEAK and Emotional Equations
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Root System
Structure of Goals and Values
"Kate's work with us gave our team new skills and more confidence to “lead the room” from a place of personal strength, regardless of experience level." - United Way of America
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Different, Customized and Personal
"Kate's creative delivery of material truly resonates with participants, leaving them with new ways to apply the learning on a multitude of levels." Ogilvy & Mather, New York
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Harvesting your Potential
"Kate uses a number of creative techniques that helped motivate me to try to tackle obstacles that were in the way of me moving forward with my life.” - Individual Coaching Client (anonymous)
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Welcome to Red Carrot Leadership. The carrot we offer you is the chance to dare to change. Like a carrot, we know you have an intricate root system of values and passions. We pay close attention to these in our work together. Because no two carrots are alike, we treat each of you as individuals needing different coaching and leadership emphases. Our programs are customized and constructed with care. And we take pride in delivering them to you with enthusiasm and integrity.